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The Wumbus Market and Client Testimonials

Our products are independent of any type of industry, culture or economy, instead, they are people dependent. Therefore, no matter where the company is located and regardless of how the economy fluctuates, it is crucial for all organizations to implement some level of training to each individual employee, regardless of size or industry of the company.

Some of the types of clients that use, our products includes, but is not limited to:

Client Testimonials
Time Warner Cable
Time Warner is a leader behind most of the innovative and rewarding digital solutions and has made Driving Distractions of The Professional Driver the program of choice to train their fleet of drivers.
US Postal Service
Wumbus has provided me a great product, at a reasonable price, with outstanding service and support. I highly recommend this company....Ross Lewis, Safety Manager - US Postal Service
I have worked with my Sales Representative for several years and he has always provided me with top-notch service...Rick Levine, Regional Safety Manager
Mustang Cat
The hard working people of Mustang CAT receive their monthly safety training programs through a creatively designed monthly rental program.
Excellent Selection, Excellent Service...Robbie Duncan, Maintenance Manager - Amtrak
Clarient Oil Services North America
I have seen Wumbus Corporation grow and mature in both product offering and professionalism since their inception. They deliver high quality, well researched, pertinent and interesting videos that can add value to any safety program. They strive to portray convincing stories and relate them to worker safety and to regulatory requirements, which they do very well.... DeVon Bench, Quality Systems Manager - Clariant Oil Services North America
The Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida
I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you and your company for allowing us to use your video. All of the presentations were conducted by a team consisting of a judge, prosecutor, defense attorney and a police officer. Your video was a central part of the presentation. I particularly liked how the video was more contemporary than any other DUI video I had ever observed. The length seemed perfect- long enough to deliver a powerful message yet short enough to maintain youthful attention spans. I have received very favorable feedback from the people who conducted the presentations. - Cathy Conrad - Judicial Assistant